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Diminished Value

After an accident a fully repaired car has lost value because:

  • Consumers place less value on a previously damaged car
  • Repair shops are often unable to duplicate processes available only to manufacturers
  • All damage, even minor, will show up on a car fax or vehicle history report

Taxi Industry Proceedings

The permitting process can be a challenging and complicated one. We plan and assist in the process of obtaining or defending against permitting rights. We also represent clients in their defense against DOT violations.

Let us help you get through the application and hearing process.

Green Consulting

We work with local municipal and state governments to:

  • Develop and communicate comprehensive sustainability plans
  • Learn about energy bidding
  • Engage and promote community conservation programs
  • Create viable municipal leadership philosophies

Diminished Value

After repairs your car looks the same as before the accident but the value has been diminished by $4,000!

Your car has suffered Diminished Value. It’s your money and you are owed it back!

Dog Bites

Sadly, sometimes our furry friends can be attacked by another dog and require veterinary care.
These expenses can be surprisingly high, but it is possible that they can be recovered.

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Connecticut Diminished Value Insurance Claims

Connecticut diminished value law allows for the recovery of the loss of resale value. When your car or truck gets into an accident, it has a lost value even after it has been properly repaired. That loss is called diminished value and you are often owed it from the person that caused the car accident.

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Class Action Lawsuits

Class action lawsuits might sound complicated and the sort of thing that you might only read about, but in many ways, they are quite simple and deal with many everyday issues.

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Dog Bites

If your dog has been attacked by another person’s dog, you may be able to recover any costs related to the attack and to treat those injuries.

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When I found the Forrest Law firm dealing with diminished value claims, I was full of doubts because my injury attorney told me the value of the car after the accident is irrelevant to the accident case.  After my first conversation with Attorney Forrest, I felt I was in wonderland…

Lilyana Auster

Diminished Value

Thankfully, we found Forrest Law’s web site, which contains valuable information about diminished value.  Had we not found the web site, I’m not sure we would have ever known about “DV.”

Paulo Mendez

Diminished Value

Diminished Value on TV

Not sure exactly what Diminished Value is and how it could affect your car’s value?  Attorney Matthew Forrest was featured on NBC Connecticut’s segment on Diminished Value on November 12, 2015.  More information on Diminished Value is available on this site on the Diminished Value page and the Diminished Value FAQs,  If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, please call our offices to speak with one of the members of our team.

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