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Diminished value legal claims are very specific with very detailed evidence and legal arguments required.  They also generally tend to be significantly less than the personal injury claim.  Many lawyers across Connecticut tend to focus their practice in specific areas, and this practice focuses on the circumstances surrounding diminished value and property damage claims.  Sometimes diminished value is to cars, but it can also be to houses, boats, animals and other personal and real property. Often you have a case which involves diminished value but don’t know how to handle it well, or just don’t want the hassle of what might end up to be a relatively small portion of a larger injury or contract claim.  That is where we fit in perfectly with your clients needs.  We supplement other claims such as personal injury or contract claims. We do not actively practice in the personal injury arena, so our interests are to recovery of the property damage/diminished value aspect of any specific case. Put simply, we add value to your case by adding on other claims that you may not have thought about, or do not know the best way to calculate.  We develop strategies for, inter alia, recoveries of loss of use, inconvenience, aggravation, repair bills, and diminished value surrounding property damages.  We are the perfect add on to your personal injury case, or just property damage that has no injury component at all.  Think parked cars. Click here to download a brochure that you can share with your clients. Click here to download a contact request form you or your client can submit.  
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