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Often body shops do a wonderful job refurbishing damaged cars.  The damaged vehicle is brought back to the best condition economically possibly.  But we all know nothing is perfect and nothing is exactly the way it was before.  No way that metal is the same after a 4 hour pull or the use of some after market parts.

More often than ever before your clients are going to take a hit on the value of their vehicle even though it was wonderfully repaired.  Simply put, the market generally doesn’t value repaired/refurbished cars from an accident as it does non-accident vehicles.

If you want to give excellent customer service, you should know the basics about diminished value and loss of use.  Or at least be able to professionally and appropriately guide your customers to a place that can assist them in getting advice or information.  We can be that resource.

Many shops feel that they are looking out for the best interests and inform them of the diminished value loss.  Others just want to be able to handle the questions as they come in.  Forrest Law has the resources for you and will also answer any questions you have about diminished value and loss of use.

Short Pay

Sometimes shops are not paid the full invoice for the work performed on a particular vehicle  We also help these kinds of clients recover these losses which are typically referred to as short pay claims.  If you have a particularly onerous short pay, we can certainly have a conversation regarding recovery of your full invoices.

Please click here to download a brochure that any of your customers can read to learn more.  It also includes information on how to contact our firm if they have questions or want to explore the idea of starting a Diminished Value claim.

Please click here to download an easy-to-use fax sheet that will give us enough information to make an initial inquiry with a possible client.

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