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Automotive dealerships often distinguish themselves by the customer service they provide and the ability to be an informed resource on vehicles customers are about to purchase. The service you give a customer is often the best factor for repeat business or a customer going to another dealership.  If you want to be the best and most knowledgable you will need to have resources and knowledge about diminished value.  We can be that easy resource for you. If you have an educated customer asking you questions about a recent accident on a car you sold them, or directly about diminished value itself, a referral to our firm can be the best answer.  Not only do we provide a brochure with various answers to commonly asked questions, but also you can pass out our information if they have anymore technical questions.  This will allow you to provide confidence to your clients that you are aware of the issues surrounding diminished value and you have access to the answers they need.  Especially when the issue arises upon the trade in of a vehicle that has been in prior accidents. We have also represented Auto dealerships themselves, as their vehicles suffer losses such as diminished value, loss of use, lost profits from a collision, among other potential losses. Please click here to download a brochure that any of your customers can read to learn more.  It also includes information on how to contact our firm if they have questions or want to explore the idea of starting a Diminished Value claim. Please click here to download an easy to use fax contact form that your customers can use if they want to know more about a possible diminished value claim.
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