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Municipal Energy Programs and Conservation Planning

Municipalities are challenged with finding ways to save money and to make the most of taxpayer dollars. Reducing your town’s energy bills will result in real savings to citizens and will maximize the use of every dollar your town spends on its energy needs.

An important way towns can achieve real cost savings on energy bills is through participation in effective energy programs and smart conservation planning. The Sustainability Division of Forrest Law has experience:

  • Negotiating discounts with energy suppliers
  • Working with municipal energy programs and committees
  • Drafting conservation plans

We can help your town achieve real cost savings. Following are some of the key accomplishments of the Sustainability Division in the field of municipal energy programs and conservation planning:

    • Key architect for Town of Wethersfield’s Direct Energy Program: This program purchases energy in bulk for Wethersfield residents and businesses. By purchasing in bulk the town is able to significantly reduce the price Wethersfield residents and businesses pay for electricity. The savings are between 12-24% depending on the specific class (business, resident, or senior citizen resident) for which the purchaser qualifies.
      Click here to see the Wethersfield RFP for the Electric Affinity Program
      Click here to see the Contract for the Wethersfield Electric Affinity Program
    • Negotiated energy savings for Town of Wethersfield municipal buildings and combined energy loads for municipal and educational buildings. This is a program where the electricity loads of the Wethersfield Board of Education and Town were combined. A dual procurement was then done: one followed the standard Request for Quote (RFQ) process and the other was an in-reverse auction format with traunching.
    • Drafted 2010 Wethersfield Comprehensive Energy and Conservation Plan.
      Click here to see the proposed Wethersfield Energy Policy 2011
    • Created Wethersfield Sustainability Matrix Concept.
      Click here for the Sustainability Matrix
    • Participant, “Municipal Summit on Climate Action”, Sponsored by the Governor’s Steering Committee on Climate Change – Yale University, March 2010. Workshop topic: Innovative Approaches to Climate and Sustainability Planning and GHG Inventory Tools; specifically discussed Wethersfield’s Sustainability Matrix.
      See the Municipal Summit’s webpage here.
      See video of the Workshop here.
    • Panelist, 3rd Annual Global Environmental Sustainability Symposium. April 5, 2010, Central Connecticut State University
      Topic: Innovative Sustainability Initiatives for Connecticut Communities: Lessons from Bridgeport, Wethersfield, and New Haven & State Resources to Support Local Efforts. This roundtable panel discussion discussed different approaches to starting effective municipal sustainability initiatives. The panelists provided examples from their own communities along with recommendations for engaging all facets of the community in this process and providing stepping tones for developing a plan to solve these environmental issues.
      Visit the Symposium’s website here.
    • Presented slideshow to Wethersfield Town Council re: March 2010
      Created the Wethersfield Electricity Affinity Program.
      “Residents Ready for a Conservation Challenge” by Susan Corica – Wethersfield Post, 2/18/2010
      “Discount Electricity Program Now Available for Town Residents”- Wethersfield Post, 2/11/2010
      “Town hosts forum on green energy challenge” – Susan Corica – Wethersfield Post, 1/14/2010

As a Wethersfield Town Councilor from 2003-2009, Matthew Forrest was involved with the following municipal energy programs and conservation planning initiatives:

      • Drafted town ordinance that created an energy committee.
        Click here to see ordinance: ARTICLE XV Citizens Energy Conservation Advisory Committee
      • Town Council liaison to the energy committee, shade tree commission, and conservation commission
      • Energy committee member (2003-current)
      • Determined criteria for open space purchase
      • Worked with the Town Council to put together financing for the purchase of open space
      • Negotiator of the Wilkus Farm Purchase, an 81-acre farm in three parcels. The town completed this purchase in June 2010.
      • Developed Wethersfield Tree Plan
      • Negotiated strong environmental standards with Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) for sewer system re: Wethersfield Cove
      • Developed Beaver Brook Linear Park System, a two mile long area of wildlife preservation trails and recreational bike paths
        Click here to see the BeaverBrookMasterPlan
      • YMCA Property – This was an initiative to preserve a 3.5 acre piece of land that expanded Wethersfield’s Mill Woods Park and preserved a natural habitat for birds and wildlife.
      • Expanded the Heritage Way Bike Trail System
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