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Practice Areas

Business Collections

Maybe you own a business and have people that owe you money, or you want to know if an agreement has any legal standing. If contracts are breached, or if someone was negligent or you are unsure about your rights, call us. We litigate and fight for what’s right.

Diminished Value

When your car gets into an accident it loses value even though it has been repaired! That value is called diminished value and often you are owed it from the person who caused the accident. Sometimes insurance companies say they won’t pay, or ask whether you were planning to sell your car. Neither matter. Connecticut law provides for the recovery of diminished value when someone illegally hits your car.


Sometimes professionals make mistakes.  It happens even to the brightest.  Luckily, as a society we have planned for such mistakes. Many professions handle high value situations, whether it be a legal case, a person, a building, or a nursing home, but things go wrong and people get hurt, sometimes literally and sometimes just in the pocket book. Either way, when this happens often there is insurance there to help right the wrong.  Forrest Law is here to listen to your case, no matter how large or small and determine if it is something we will handle or do we need to make sure you go to the person best suited for your case.  Our interest is your interest, no matter if we take the case or not.  If you think a professional has messed up, call us. We will listen and provide advice as to how best to proceed.


Chances are that if you know that acronym, you already know what Social Security Disability is all about.  What you might not know is how to maximize the outcome or appropriate modification of SSDI.  A five minute call with us will most likely be a very very good investment of your time and will likely remove much of the headache and frustration of filing these claims.

Workman’s Compensation

Hurt on the job?  This can be debilitating.  It’s a good idea to call us to help you through what will inevitably be questions about employment, insurance compensation, and the workers compensation claim.  Forrest Law attorneys are a great first step to resolving your injuries and figuring out the process.

Consumer Bankruptcy

Credit card bills sometimes become too onerous. Finances get out of control, and you can’t pay the mortgage. These are all legal contracts and situations that need legal advice. Let us talk with you to find real legal solutions to your problems, where real lawyers represent your interests and we find a way to turn your life around.

Dog Bites

The family dog is a cherished member of American culture. From Lassie and Old Yeller to Snoopy and 101 Dalmatians, dogs have held a beloved spot in many family’s homes. Sadly, sometimes our furry friends can be attacked by another dog and require veterinary care, medication, or incur other expenses to deal with their injuries.

Employment Law

Sometimes you get released or fired from your job illegally with discrimination or malice. Perhaps you are not getting paid for your work. These situations have remedies. If you are having employment issues of any kind, call.

Moving Violations & Traffic Infractions

So you got a ticket, speeding, stop sign violation, forgot the Connecticut rule about moving over a lane when an emergency vehicle is working on a highway.  Maybe you are a tractor trailer driver hauling an overweight load.  It happens, it happened.  Now what?  If you are concerned about points on your license, revocation of license, the amount of the fine.  We may be able to help.

Taxi Industry Proceedings

The permitting process can be a challenging and complicated one. We plan and assist in the process of obtaining or defending against permitting rights. We also represent clients in their defense against DOT violations. Let us help you get through the application and hearing process.

Consumer Law and Debt

Sometimes purchases go wrong or you are the victim of fraud. A contractor doesn’t do the work he promised or you are being charged fees for something that never happened. Sometimes you are being harassed by mail or phone from collection agencies. Often there are laws that protect you from creditors and from companies that illegally take your money without any notification.


First recommendation. Call us! Then let’s figure out the best way to proceed.  There are many avenues for resolution of a DUI, some which you most likely do not know.  A call is the best way to get you on the best track to redemption.

Green Consulting

We work with local governments to help your town.  Community involvement benefits everyone.

Personal Injury

Whether it’s a car accident or someone sucker punched you in the mouth.  Personal injuries happen, and many times there is insurance to pay for the damage done. Let’s figure out what the damage and losses are and develop the best legal strategy for recovery with your interests in mind.  If we are not the right lawyer for your particular case, we will find the right lawyer for you.  We have no supreme ego, just your best interests in mind.
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