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Valerie Napolitano Diminished Value Claim July 1, 2013
April 18, 2014

I recently had a car accident.  The body shop recommended Atty. Forrest to investigate a possible claim for diminished value.  I contacted Atty. Forrest to inquire for more information.  He explained the process and we moved forward communicating mostly through email which was very convenient for me.  With minimal effort on my part, Atty. Forrest was able to service a successful claim for Diminished Value and closed the case for me.  The speed at which he expedited my claim was astounding!  His professionalism was a breath of fresh air! I am very pleased with Atty. Forrest's performance and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in a similar situation in the future.

Paulo Mendez Diminished Value
April 18, 2014

Our brand new car was struck in a parking lot by an elderly driver.  We were not at fault for the accident, but the insurance companies sure made us feel like it was our fault.  After three and a half months of repair, $19,000 in damage and about $4,000 in rental fees, we got back a "new car" that should have been a total loss.  Thankfully, we found Forrest Law's web site, which contains valuable information about diminished value.  Had we not found the web site, I'm not sure we would have ever known about "DV."  Matthew was very professional, did everything that he promised, and we are satisfied with the results.  In cases such as this, you need someone like Forrest Law to fight for you.  Insurance companies do not take you seriously unless you have someone like Matthew to back you up!

Lilyana Auster Diminished Value
April 26, 2014

When I found the Forrest Law firm dealing with diminished value claims, I was full of doubts because my injury attorney told me the value of the car after the accident is irrelevant to the accident case.  After my first conversation with with Attorney Forrest I felt I was in wonderland because he sounded confident about both the possible success of the car diminished value claim and the simplicity of the paperwork necessary to submit this claim.  I gave my claim a try and I don't regret it.  Attorney Forrest exhibited the highest level of professionalism and he kept his word about the no hassle process.  The most important thing is that I got my thick check.  Isn't it what everybody wants?  To get your money back.

Jason T. Rolo
July 12, 2014

I believe that Attorney Forrest showed great professionalism, communication, and ability in my hearing with the Department Of Transportation for taxi licenses. I was using a different attorney that was deemed with a conflict of interest issue less than 14 hours before the hearing. She referred me to Mr. Forrest and we had less than 24 hours to put a strong case together in which we were successful. Mr. Forrest was definitely very able with his questioning and defense in the trial. He was able to help block all curve balls that the defense tried to shoot at me in questioning. When it came time for them to take the stand, Mr. Forrest's questions were short and straight to the point. He was able to get the opposition to admit to not wanting any competition in the territory for which I was applying. I have watched many other trials to gain trial experience and have not seen a lawyer be able to make the opposition admit the truth.

The professional manner in which Mr. Forrest handled the case was the reason for the victory in our trial. He was definitely cool minded and never got worried with any of the curve balls that came out. He kept reassuring me to stay calm and cool and not to let emotions get the best of you because that is what the opposition wants. Mr. Forrest kept very calm during the trial and never showed any form of frustrations, anger, or nervousness like the oppositions attorney did. 

Mr Forrest has a great communication skill that is not like any other attorney that I have done business with. The night before he trial, I received a call from Mr. Forrest to prepare me for the trial. In his 30-minute conversation and preparation, he made me feel confident that we were going to be all right and we would win. In the trial, he was able to get the opposition to admit not wanting competition and to show some anger with his straightforward questions. With that skill and admission, Mr. Forrest won the case. Thanks to Mr. Forrest, I am now in business for myself and now own Patriot taxi of Torrington CT. I will definitely be using his services again for any matters involving my business. Thank you Mr. Forrest for your hard work, dedication, and professionalism to help open my business.

Rose Knowlen
July 29, 2014

I was represented by Attorney Forrest in a probate matter involving some family members. After a lot of confusion trying to probate the case myself, Mr. Forrest came in and took control of the whole situation, including contacting the heirs who lived in a remote location in Hawaii. Honestly, I'm not sure how he pulled it all together. Because of his communication with the courts and his good standing, I was not even required to attend a hearing. His communication with me was excellent and I understood the process the whole way through. I would recommend Mr. Forrest to my friends. He did a great job.

Abdul Majid
July 29, 2014

Very professional, knows the laws for DOT Taxi, Livery permit, very good experience dealing with DOT administration Staff and adjudicator. I will recommend his name for any DOT Compliance help or permit.

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